Dante dating profile massachusetts

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Dante dating profile massachusetts

His second wife Frances Appleton died in 1861, after sustaining burns when her dress caught fire.After her death, Longfellow had difficulty writing poetry for a time and focused on translating works from foreign languages. Longfellow wrote many lyric poems known for their musicality and often presenting stories of mythology and legend.On August 27, 1829, he wrote to the president of Bowdoin that he was turning down the professorship because he considered the 0 salary "disproportionate to the duties required".

His first major poetry collections were Voices of the Night (1839) and Ballads and Other Poems (1841).She did not recover and died after several weeks of illness at the age of 22 on November 29, 1835.Longfellow had her body embalmed immediately and placed in a lead coffin inside an oak coffin which was then shipped to Mount Auburn Cemetery near Boston.Longfellow retired from teaching in 1854, to focus on his writing, living the remainder of his life in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a former Revolutionary War headquarters of George Washington.His first wife Mary Potter died in 1835, after a miscarriage.

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Shortly after the book's publication, Longfellow attempted to join the literary circle in New York and asked George Pope Morris for an editorial role at one of Morris's publications.