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There are currently 58 of them in the hands of customers from all around the world.

The Hfner company was founded by luthier Karl Hfner in Schnbach, Germany in 1887. In 1994, Hfner became part of the Boosey & Hawkes Group. After near-bankruptcy in 2003 Boosey & Hawkes sold its musical instrument division to The Music Group.

Once or twice I have made an instrument that was not a classical concert guitar, but I just gave them the next number. Kenny Hill began building guitars in the mid 1970's, first in Santa Barbara, CA, then later in the Santa Cruz area. Hilo guitars were often sold by mail-order through the Schmidt-owned correspondence school: "The First Hawaiian Conservatory of Music". Stan Hinesley began playing guitar at 13 and a few years later switched to bass.

He took a hiatus from guitar building in the 1980s. By the age of 15 he was performing regularly around town in Albany Georgia.

He did guitar and amp work since first started playing.

Through Hirade's dedication and commitment to Takamine, he was able to begin an overseas trading business in 1975The first few guitars were hand signed and numbered on the backstrap down the inside back of the guitar.About | Advertise | Aircraft| Forums | Gift guide | Beer | Car | Cowboy | Flags | Headless| i Pad | Metal | Neck inlays | Star Wars | Travel | Violent | Valuation | Web tools | Guitar dating | Shilling | Travel amp | Attenuator | Pedal board Graham High is professionally trained Luthier and musician.He learned his carpentry skills early at the hands of his grandfather and his father.In 1997 he opened TGS Technologies in Macon He relocaated to South Florida in 1998 and started HAS Sound.HAS Sound made Custom Electronics for Guitar and Bass Passive Controls, Prewired Harnesses and Stan Hinesley Hand Wound Pickups. By around 2012 his web site annoinced that he was putting pick up making on hold.

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