Dating and marriage rituals in uganda

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Polygamous marriages are common in the Wodabee nation of Niger. Groom's family offers a price to the bride's family. A bride lives with her husband until her pregnancy.

Marriages called „coogal“ are arranged by parents during couple's infancy. Then she returns to her mother's home, where she will remain for the next three to four years.

At the wedding feast the happy couple sits on Kosha chairs raised on a platform. At the wedding ceremony held by the Masai (Maasai) nation of Kenya the father of the bride blesses her by spitting on her head and breasts. While walking to her new home she never looks back as she believes that she will turn to stone.

Kofta meatballs and rose water drink called Sharpat are just two delicacies served at the wedding meal. Swahilli nation of Kenya bathe bride in sandalwood oils and apply henna tattoos on her limbs.

After two to three years, the woman will be able to visit her husband, but not live with him.

Finally, when the woman's mother buys everything that is needed for bride's home, she and the baby return to the husband.

This money is used to buy jewelery called Shabka and furniture.This mixture is used to remove all of her body hair except those on the head. In the case that there are no stains she has to return all the wedding presents she got.Bride's hands and feet are decorated with "mehdi" or "henna" tattoos. Being a virgin until the first wedding night ensures her deep respect of the groom's family.The wedding starts with the performance of Zaffa music which involves traditional bendir drums, bagpipes, horns etc.The wedding ceremony is performed in mosque or church.

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Between 10 Karo (Kara) people live on the east banks of the Omo River in south Ethiopia.

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