Dating caribbean women

Posted by / 03-May-2015 18:38

Dating caribbean women

Well I think black BOYS have not moved forward like us black women, we are educated unlike black men, we have good jobs unlike black men, we can take care of the family unlike black men.

It does get interesting when I speak as the comments are "oh..don't sound like a typical London girl", that would be because I am not your typical anything!Black british men are the lowest of the low, now they have this thing of riding about on that two feeter scooter which is a fad and all about status. The ones who pretend to be educated and decent do not fool me, I am polite when they are serving me, or at my bank,etc, but other than this, I really have very very little to do with them.And there is NO way any black male apart from my brothers and two African close friends who share my views on their brethren and are married to African women for ten years plus, will EVER be invited into my home.As for me my long term partner is east Asian, I have never been so happy.So black women should avoid black men like the plague.

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