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Dating concert pianist

In early 2007, some months after her death, New Yorker Brian Ventura noticed that the digital music database used by the i Tunes software on his computer to identify music told him that a recording of Hatto was by an entirely different pianist, Hungarian Lazlo Simon.

He contacted Gramophone magazine, which asked an audio expert to analyse some of Joyce’s most celebrated later recordings. Her CDs were a patchwork of other artists’ work, the notes digitally stretched or compressed to disguise their origins.

"It is possible to tell a user's position within a few hundred meters," the source added, saying the personal photographs uploaded by users to their dating profiles makes them easily identifiable to police.

"It baffles me how easily people are willing to share such personal information in a country like Egypt - it is beyond stupid," asserted the source.

‘It is self-evident that I have acted stupidly, dishonestly and unlawfully,’ he admitted then.

‘I regret having misled the consumers about the full nature of the Hatto recordings.’Bahr decided against prosecuting. I took performances that fitted tonally and changed them, but I didn’t change Joyce’s performances on the CDs.

In April, an Egyptian court sentenced 11 men accused of committing homosexual acts to terms of up to 12 years in jail on charges of "inciting debauchery." In late 2014, Egyptian authorities detained 26 men in a raid on a Cairo bath house after police received a report claiming they were holding gay orgies.

A thin, rather elegant figure muffled against the cold in a tweed jacket and — he confides — two layers of trousers, he is seeing me to my car with a parting gift of ten pristine CDs by his late wife, the pianist Joyce Hatto.

He is cracking company, and charitable enough to volunteer as a visitor to the elderly and housebound in his town of Royston, Hertfordshire.‘All that business’ is his polite allusion to the storm that erupted in the classical music world in early 2007 when Gramophone magazine revealed that Joyce’s lauded performances on disc weren’t really her own — but had been heavily supplemented by the work of unacknowledged pianists.So the question of how a terminally-ill woman in her 70s had managed to produce such a miraculous catalogue had a simple answer — she hadn’t.The editor of Gramophone magazine, James Inverne, declared there had ‘never been a music scandal quite like it’.The performances, released on William’s own Concert Artists label, slowly gained a cultish audience of music buffs, entranced by her elegance and technical virtuosity.Her obituaries were glowing: ‘a national treasure’, said The Independent; ‘among the greatest pianists Britain has ever produced’, said The Guardian.

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"There have been a number of arrests in the last few months linked to these applications," Cairo Scene quoted the unnamed source as saying.