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Deal with another as you'd have Another deal with you; What you are unwilling to receive, Be sure you never do.Lord, help me to un-clutter my life, To lead me in the direction of simplicity, Teach me to listen to my heart, Teach me to welcome change, instead of fearing it.Click below to see prayers from other visitors to this page...Prayer to please put a wonderful guy and wonderful girl in my daughter Please watch over the surgeon as she operates on my mom for breast cancer. A devotion will center you, calm you and help you focus on the day's tasks at hand.A heartfelt daily devotional said in the morning upon arising, or while sitting in traffic, or in line at the bank or grocery store, keeps us all mindful of God's rightful place in our daily lives. May the peace of God and the freshness of the Holy Spirit Rest in your thoughts, rule in your dreams, tonight, and Conquer all your fears.And may their lives be full of Your peace, prosperity and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with You, amen! I thank You that You hast been with me during this day,and have brought me safely to its close.

Help me to listen to these signs of change, Of growth; to listen seriously and follow wherever they lead Through the breathtaking empty space of your open door. Dear God, as I begin this day, Let me turn my thoughts to you And ask Your help in guiding me In everything I say and do.

May the peace of God and the freshness the Holy Spirit rest in my thoughts, rule in my dreams and conquer all my fears.

May God manifest himself today in ways that I have never experienced.

I pray for peace, health, happiness and true and undying love for God.

Father, God bless all my friends in whatever way it is that You know they may be needing this day!

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I pray that Faith enters a New height for you; I pray that your territory is enlarged.