Dating crackhead

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Dating crackhead

The junkies are even better you'll get like 0 or more worth of food for or Fuck that shit lol and these guys steal the good meat, they take the most expensive shit they can.Also when my cousin was selling coke people used to showup with all kinds of crazy shit, one guy would bring a grocery bag or 2 of AA batteries and trade for like a or bag, and another dude showed up with 2 fucking garbage bags of chocolate bars.-you choose not to do crack again cause you don't want to fit the "stereotype" . When it's taken you all day to get a score together that will either get you 2 bags of brown and that should just be enough to get you through till morning, or 1 brown 1 white knowing there's not enough H there to keep you straight but you stll get the rock anways cos banged up in a syringe it'll give you a rush and a high that knocks anything you're getting from the H anymore into a cocked hat. This is a similar thread to our "You might be a junkie if..." Let's leave this thread open for a while and see where it goes.I'm going to change the title to "You might be a crackhead if..." If nothing much comes from this thread, I'll either merge it or close it, I suppose.When you can't find any gas stations that sell the little glass flower tube things...crackhead problems!

-Heres a very stereotypical one, but when you actually find yourself doing it, you have to realize the irony: When you are at the end of the session and youre fiending for more,and you find yourself on the floor seeing white crumbs,or on the table,and then you feel it,and it seems to be crack.

Big problem- figuring out where some of the jackasses you are smoking with have hidden your shit that they swiped when you had it out to smoke and they think that you either weren't paying attention or that you wouldn't notice that it was gone.

Super big problem when you are fiending - you give your last to a random dealer that is long gone when you figure out that the shit is wax and not rock. Kc This is a similar thread to our "You might be a junkie if..." Let's leave this thread open for a while and see where it goes.

And had coffee but not made, just the ground up crazy ass dude but he ended up in jail and I never saw him again. I wonder how that would work though because what frozen food could you possibly have that, after selling it at a discounted price, would earn you enough money to buy crack? Cheese and Meat are hot commodities man, or worth of food for is a fucking steal!

Especially when the people buying it dont have much money.

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Big problem- getting the paranoid idiots away from your doors and windows and the light switches.

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