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Dating differences between generations

The equivalent share for Baby Boomers, in 1980, was 44%; for the Silent generation, in 1962, it was 59%.

Another major influence on the political character of successive generations is the political climate and events that people in each generation experienced as they reached adulthood and began to form their political identities.

The age differences in political attitudes and voting choices in the past three election cycles have been driven by three broad social and political trends.

The first is the growing racial and ethnic diversity of the country, reflected in the rising percentage of non-whites among younger age cohorts.

Older people are more likely to reflect the values prevalent when they were growing up.

Millennials, however, stand out as being more likely than all but the oldest Americans to be U.As of April 2016, an estimated 69.2 million Millennials (adults ages 18-35 in 2016) were voting-age U. citizens – a number almost equal to […] Reports that Facebook employees may have suppressed conservative news stories from the platform’s trending topics section have prompted the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee to ask the company for answers.News plays a prominent role on Facebook – 63% of Facebook users (or 41% of all U. One-in-five Millennials is Hispanic (20%), compared with only 6% among Greatest generation Americans (now ages 84 and older) and 7% among Silent generation adults (ages 66 to 83).The same pattern of greater population share among younger generations is true for blacks, although the contrast between young and old is not as dramatic.

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