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Dating furniture by the carvings

In the south the 'Tabernakelschrank' - a desk of high proportions.

For the ladies - the 'Toiletentisch' or dressing table. Mostly with three opening parts on top - the sides to left and right and the middle upwards where a mirror was to be found.

German antique Rococo furniture tends to be more exaggerated than the French Rococo.

The workmanship on these pieces of german antique furniture is amazing.

This always used to confuse me - and if I am honest, still does.

You cannot go about collecting antique furniture here as you would in say England or France - relating the styles to a Monarch.

Mechanical fittings to enable the tables to change use, for example from tea table to games table.In the north oak was still very popular and the heavy pillars and carving gave way to veneer work and carving in the way of acanthus, rocaille, flowers and so forth.Seating became more comfortable and sofas and chairs were upholstered using webbing straps underneath and horsehair and such on top, covered by fabric.Earlier using many other materials apart from wood and towards the end of the Rococo period mostly just wood.Walnut so loved in the late baroque, remained so in the Rococo.

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These mechanical fittings were to be found on many pieces of furniture.