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I don't believe it was either Robert Plant's or Page's intention to glorify Satan, but the dark side seems to always reveal itself in unexpected, shadowy ways.Just as an aside, Robert Plant's reaction to Heart playing "Stairway To Heaven" at the Kennedy Center, in the band's honor, was probably more of discomfort and pain.They too were repelled by certain Zepplin's lyrics.At the same time, I instinctively knew that these guys were hugely unique and talented.Surprisingly, the comments do not address some metaphorical or metaphysical aspects, and do not consider important cultural movements that were contemporaneous during the time of the initial creation and release of Stairway to Heaven.

Robert Plant had an uncanny voice with unearthly range and Jimmy Page played like no other. Page was so taken with Alleister Crowley he bought his home!The first time I heard it, I was thought it pretty cool, but didn't understand it.It sounded as if a lady who had money wanted to buy her way into heaven -- with that said, that's about all I understood of the song that seemed rather dark at the seams, with it's mystical, ambiguous language, all the while speaking about "heaven".You are thinking and engaged in the composition and possible meanings.That being said, some meanings embedded in this song became obvious to me in the mid 1970s.

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At 16 I was still a virgin and I found them to be just a little too in your face.

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