Dating internationale aliance

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Dating internationale aliance

[17] It must have been intended that on the eastern side the sea and on the western side the "Inland Ice" should constitute the limits of the area occupied under the proclamation of July 10th, though the proclamation itself is silent on the subject.Indeed, Counsel for the Danish Government was disposed to criticize the validity of the proclamation because of the absence of any western limit of the Scavenius, on behalf of the Danish Government: "May it please the Court, To reject as unfounded the three submissions in the Norwegian Counter-Case of March 12th and 15th, 1932; To give judgment to the effect that the declaration of occupation promulgated by the Norwegian Government on July 10th, 1931, and any steps taken in this connection by that Government, constitute a violation of the existing legal situation and are, accordingly, unlawful and invalid; To decide that the Norwegian Government shall bear the costs incurred by the Danish Government in this case." [11] M.

[10] By an Order made on August 6th, 1931, the Court fixed the times for the presentation of the Case, Counter-Case, Reply and Rejoinder in the suit, in accordance with a proposal made jointly by the Parties' Agents on August 4th, 1931.Accordingly, the Court declares that, in so far as the terms of Article 52 of the Statute are applicable to the evidence produced by one of the Parties to the case, the consent of the other Party, which is required under that Article, may be regarded as having been obtained.[14] The submission of the case being in all respects regular, these are the circumstances in which the Court is now called upon to give judgment.[p25] [8] The Norwegian Government repeats in its Rejoinder the submissions made in its Counter-Case.[9] In the course of a series of public sittings held between November 21st, 1932, and February 7th, 1933, the Court heard the statements, replies, rejoinders and observations presented by: MM.

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Bg, as Advocate, Gustav Rasmussen, as Deputy-Advocate, M. Charles de Visscher, as Advocate and Counsel, on behalf of Denmark, and MM.