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Dating nicholas hoult

(Photo : Reuters/Andrew Kelly) Nicholas Hoult stars alongside Kristen Stewart in the sci-fi film "Equals" which tells the story of two people who fall in love in a futuristic society where emotions have been outlawed.During a chat with, the British actor briefly spoke about his romance with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, filming with Stewart and more.Check out these 5 things we learned about Nicholas Hoult from his interview below. While dating Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult didn't pay attention to what the media had to say about their romance.When asked what it was like to have his love life in the news he said, "What's written is not true anyway, so it's actually pretty funny." Hoult continued, "And if you look at it from the grand scheme of things, I think everyone has their own things going on in their life and much more important stuff going on, so the British phrase that I normally coin around that sort of thing is "storm in a teacup." 2.For example, the one thing Nick hated about dating Jen while they were filming together will make you crack up. Then again, there are worse things than your GF smelling like men's shaving cream... Since Jen had to wear blue paint all over her body for her role as the mutant Mystique, she had to get really creative in order to remove the paint after a long day of shooting. Also, in another context , one of the characters in Samuel Beckett's play 'Play' says: "Is there anybody out there listening to me? " Throughout History people history attached a lot of importance to communication and personal relationships. May our good traditions go on and improve wherever possible! See the Related Links for "A Most Helpful Web Site. See the Related Links for "The Official Pink Floyd Web Site" to the bottom for the answer.

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, the 17-year-old actress is dating British actor Nicholas Hoult.

The duo, who were spotted at the Evian VIP Lounge during the 2010 Wimbledon Championships in London last month, have been dating for two months!

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult's dating life is once again in limelight after Liam Neeson dodged off all rumors of Stewart being the mystery lover of his life.

Stewart and Hoult have reportedly been spotted many times together in New York.

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Part of the thing that makes us similar is the fact that we're not really in the classical world of acting and trained particularly." He continued, "We're both very curious people, and she's incredibly smart and in touch with her emotions. She's very passionate and cares wholeheartedly about film and telling stories, and also that moment right there." The "X-Men: Apocalypse" star added, "So it's wonderful to be in scenes with her, because the smallest flick of an eye or quiver of her voice, you pick up on so little." 3.

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