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Also seriously injured was a white female employee.The two innocent white victims are: * Michael "Mickey" Mc Namara, 76 * Joyce Cross 10. July 19, 2009 Home Invasion - Rape- Murder A black male, Isaiah Kalebu, 24, …invaded the home (crawling through an open bathroom window) of two white females to commit rape and robbery. The two innocent white females are: * Teresa Buttz, 39 (deceased) * Unidentified 36-year-old (survived) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.gunned down two innocent white people for no other reason than they were “there”.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Bethel, NC, 1983 Black Male Slaughters Two Business Invasion In the course of a robbery, a black male murdered two innocent white people (bludgeoning both with a knife).The following are just some of the white police officers who were murdered in the line of duty a black male(s) since forced integration was created (1964).Manchester, Conn., July 2010 Black Male Massacre Black Racism A black male racist, Omar Thornton, already angry at the fact that he was working for a company created by white males, run by white males, and almost all the employees were white, was caught stealing and was fired by a white male, which pushed the black male racist over the edge.Before Thornton took his own life, he assassinated eight unarmed white males (former co-workers).

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When Hollis located the elderly female he beat, raped and then strangled her to death . According to police, the white male was beat, gagged, choked, then stabbed to death. Jackson's girlfriend, Linda Riley, also according to police, was an active participant in the murder.

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