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One thing that most people who enter the pick-up community have in common is that they’re intimidated by women. Men who are at ease with women have an easier time talking to them, flirting with them and asking them out on dates; these are generally not the people who enter “how to meet women” into Google.

Many of the people who write in to me have literal anxiety attacks at the idea of approaching a woman and striking up a conversation with her.

I think that, when approached rationally and sanely that it can be a valuable resource. But if you It’s fascinating in a perverse sort of way that such disdain is heaped on someone wanting to get better at getting women to like them.

The state of dating advice for men is, frankly, fairly abysmal. If a young man were to decide that he wanted to get better at math, nobody would blink twice at his finding a tutor or taking extra classes.

On Wednesday, a Kickstarter project for a self-published book on picking up women entitled “Above The Game” started rocketing across blogs and Twitter. Ken Hoinsky shared excerpts from the upcoming book on r/seduction… As soon as the controversy broke, he took them down, but the Google cache is still available.

I learned more about how to present myself in a positive manner, how to flirt, how to dress and, yes, how to seduce women. I lived a life that I didn’t think I could ever know, did things I never thought I’d have a chance to experience and I had a it took me a while to climb back out of that hole.All that matters is that you continue to try to escalate physically until she makes it genuinely clear that it’s not happening.She wants to be desired, but the circumstances need to be right.With some experience, you will learn to differentiate the I am actually not anti-pick up in general.Quite the opposite in fact; I think that there’s a lot of good to be found in it.

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