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So I am obliged to explain what he did wrong and how he could do better.

While Light starts scheming and taking serious risks as early as the arrival of the FBI team in Japan, he has fundamentally already screwed up. The Death Note kills flawlessly without forensic trace and over arbitrary distances; kills a number of prominent competitors.

First mistake, and a classic one with serial killers (eg the BTK killer’s vaunting was less anonymous than he believed): delusions of grandeur and the desire to taunt, play with, and control their victims and demonstrate their power over the general population.

From a literary perspective, this similarity is clearly not an accident, as we are meant to read Light as the Sociopath Hero archetype: his ultimate downfall is the consequence of his fatal personality flaw, hubris, particularly in the original sadistic sense. (This is also deeply problematic from the point of carrying out Light’s theory of deterrence: to deter criminals and villains, it is not necessary for there to be a globally-known single supernatural killer, when it would be equally effective to arrange for all the killings to be done naturalistically by third parties/police/judiciary or used indirectly to crack cases.

(However, the famous story that Winston Churchill allowed the town of Coventry to be bombed rather than risk the secret of Ultra has since been put into question.) It’s not clear to me what would be the best misdirection for Light to mask his normal killings - use the Death Note’s control features to invent a anti-criminal terrorist organization?The killings directly point to the Yotsuba Group and eventually the user’s death.The moral of the story is that indirect relationships can be fatal in narrowing down the possibilities from In Light’s case, L starts with the world’s entire population of 7 billion people and needs to narrow it down to 1 person. It maps fairly directly onto basic information theory, in fact.The only way he could remain perfectly hidden is to not use the Death Note at all.If you change the world in even the slightest way, then you have leaked information about yourself in principle.

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There was noise, of course, from people staying up especially late or getting in a bunch of editing during their workday or occasionally traveling, but the overall patterns were clear - never did I discover that someone was actually a nightwatchman and my guess was an entire hemisphere off.

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