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Difference whats marriage dating

Relationships in which there is a level of commitment, in which marriage is being considered, and so on.) I said that if you want to hook up with another girl then you have a duty to break up with your current girlfriend or at least go on a temporary break with her or whatever.In the end, it's pretty simple to me: even though we're just "dating," I want to be treated a certain way (i.e., I don't want her to cheat on me), so I will treat her the same way.(He has done worse stuff in the past but this kiss is the only recent indiscretion.) She broke up with him immediately (a few days ago) and has not taken him back yet.Yesterday I was driving with this friend and another friend, and we got into a conversation that quickly escalated into a fight/debate about dating vs. Now he's pretty upset about the fact that she broke up with him, and it probably wasn't wise of me to defend my side so passionately in the moment.And then they also said that once you start cheating, it becomes easier. Do you agree with my approach to dating/marriage or do you favor the approach of my friends? If you have a serious relationship with someone, married or not, it's kind of in the fine print that you don't cheat on them unless you DO have an open relationship or some understanding there.Edit: To add, I think when you enter into a dating relationship with someone, usually it is implied it's exclusive. If they don't want exclusivity, they should tell the girls up front they might be seeing someone else as well.

Again, I just think a commitment is a commitment.) They disagreed with me and said that most guys would disagree too.

Dating is when you really like one girl and want to spend a lot of time with her -- but it's still free for all as far as sex goes. I have had a girlfriend for four years and not a whole lot of experience with other girls before that.

They said that if I was surrounded by more girls -- at bars or in clubs or anywhere really -- that I wouldn't be as confident about my commitment.

If I could go back, I probably wouldn't have even gotten myself into this position. Now I have a question for GAF: What's the difference between dating and marriage? I stated that I don't see that big of a difference between dating and marriage, especially as far as cheating goes.

(I guess one could say there are different levels of dating but what I mean is serious relationships that go beyond hooking up, etc.

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