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Divorced adult chat

I know you did not mean for it to be, but a lot of what you did came off as rude, especially where it concerned my family. It annoyed me that you put off redoing the nursery for a whole year after Nina was born.

You had a meltdown when I put together the entertainment system while you were away and it was not set up the way you liked it, and another fit when Mom and Gayle rearranged our bedroom furniture.

And I knew you didn’t mean to do anything wrong – and it wasn’t really true that you didn’t pay attention. And how I proceeded from that point was too important to base it only on what I wanted. But I couldn’t thrive and be happy the way we were going. During the Eucharist, I felt Him very clearly ask me “Are you sure about that? Those who are less affected by it are often just seen as weird or rude. They are brilliant, passionate people with clear focus and unique insight into the world around them.

You always paid attention to certain details, like making sure I was drinking enough water. At that point I believed I could never have what I really wanted anyway – a thriving family of successful individuals who support each other, where the mother and father stay together and the children grow up happy - so whatever I chose, to leave you for good, or to come back, I would be unhappy. I knew that unhappiness was not in your plans either; you had wanted us to work, too. ” I thought for a moment about how happy I had been since I left – the help with the kids, the support and encouragement I received from my friends and family, the prospects and freedom I had to pursue my interests in Brackett, and never having to deal with these issues again. They often go undiagnosed or are not diagnosed until much later in life, after their marriages, careers, and other interpersonal relationships have been through many hard times. They don’t play mind games, don’t lie, and don’t hold back what they think or feel.

It put me under so much stress that I could not function on a daily basis to take care of our children.

I began to lose control of my emotions and my temper.

I had tolerated the control and abuse for as long as I could, and I felt myself beginning to snap. I had to get out, away from you, to be able to breathe again. I left and spent some time in Brackett with friends and family.

Then I became angry and resentful when you did not do them. Many times I could not believe how you just didn’t get it – did not understand at all what I wanted and needed, and did not recognize the sacrifices I made for you.

I did not think so then, but now, I believe it is very likely you felt the same way towards me.

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If you really still loved me, then what was the explanation for your behavior? At first I blamed you for not knowing what to do for me.