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The skeleton was that of a man of between 70 and 85, about 5ft 4in tall, of a stocky build.

The relationship between science and religion is, where relics are concerned, fraught.The Shroud can be proven to date from the time of Christ if the scientists are willing to do serious investigation and complete their experiments with honesty and integrity, taking into account all factors associated with carbon dating. This did not worry me because of my scientific background.The findings in this book should be given more coverage in the media instead of medieval explanations which fall well short of the truth.An exceptionally great read with respect to the author's presentation of scientific data concerning the Shroud of Turin.Although Garza-Valdez disputed the original Carbon 14 data, which has since been proven by Joe Marino and Sue Benford to be contamination of the linen sample with cotton threads, I was disappointed with the second set of DNA markers.

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He was an adjunct professor of microbiology at the Health Sciences Center of the University of Texas.

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