Documents not updating its timestamp in livelink 9 1

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Documents not updating its timestamp in livelink 9 1

Because the connector is based on CRX, you can use these tools to access the content of your repository.The connector is an addition to an existing CRX content repository and connects to an existing Livelink installation.JCR is a standardized, rich, and fast way to access data.It can store almost any kind of data, structured or unstructured.If you want to access only part of the repository (that is, a so-called “repository view”), you can use the parameters scope Path and tree Depth.Check that the workspace “crx.logger” exist first see section 2.4, if it doesn’t exist create it manually as described or use the “CRX Administration Web Interface” then go on the Repository Configuration Add the Binary Loader Servlet section from the file etc/WEB-INF/file of your connector installation folder as the last servlet entry (directly in front of the Servlet Mapping section).

You can find these files in the folder etc of the connector folder.The name of the registered repository is the repository_name parameter.Refer to the CRX documentation for more information.# --------------------------------- # Livelink connection configuration # --------------------------------- #connection protocol=http host Name=hostname username=username password=password user Prefix=ll1_ folder Name=livelink1 port=2099 db Name= livelink WS=enterprise livelink CGI=/livelink/#suptype mapping subtype Config=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #ssl encryption verify Server=no root CACerts Path= You can test the connection from the command line.To install these files, proceed as follows: The connector uses two Livelink reports to keep track of updates.One report tracks deleting content, the other tracks creating and modifying content. The URL looks as follows: Scroll down to the Live Reports Administration group, and click Import Live Reports. To see the reports, go to the Livelink administration page, and then click Open the Live Reports Volume.

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Most of the features you commonly need, such as versioning, search, and fine-grained access control, are built into the standard. In a standard CRX installation, this content is stored in a database, and CRX provides all the advanced features that databases do not natively support, such as hierarchical content structures, support for unstructured content, versioning, or fine-grained access control.