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Some people are consistent with their personality and character so you don’t experience a rapid departure from either one whether you’re around others or one-on-one. They feel congruent to you and if anything, their personality is enhanced by what you’ve come to learn through experience about their character.It’s a lot easier to copilot a relationship with someone who is like this because you know where you stand.We might be very intelligent and a number of other things and have strong moral fibre but that’s not to say that if we met somebody who worked in the same field as us and was super intelligent, that they would share our core values.We tend to get impressed by personality more so than we do character.

It’s like those people who are amazing interviewees that get almost every job they go for but who struggle to actually do the job and deliver on what they said that they could be and do.

You don’t need mental and moral qualities to be ‘funny’ – just ask some of the dodgier comedians out there – and you don’t need mental and moral qualities to be charming and popular – just ask some of the famous people of this world whose reputations are in stark contrast to what they get up to behind closed doors.

It’s also safe to say that a person could be incredibly intelligent but lack morals, and a classic mistake that us BR folk make is assuming that intelligence is synonymous with morals.

Sometimes we get too carried away with personality.

Fun and funny for example, are wonderful qualities to enjoy in a person but they’re not an automatic precursor to desirable characteristics and values.

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It’s important to note that your experience of them is what you need to use determine whether or not to proceed – no one else has to take your journey and live your life!

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