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Drawn moon dating

In the 1950s, teachers in public schools in America taught students that the temperature at the Martian equator was about 80 degrees. government carried out a public experiment designed to try to detect intelligent life on Mars, by sending radio transmissions toward that planet and waiting for an answer.

O.s secret from the general public is well-known and has been well-documented in several books by famous astronomers like J. offered to admit an ambassador to their interplanetary confederation in this solar system, in exchange for an alien ambassador to the General Assembly of the United Nations, in an attempt to re-establish diplomatic relations with Earth and other planets that had been , was in favor of the treaty and exchange and he was in contact with us on this matter. They reported huge areas of green vegetation that expanded and contracted with the melting of the ice caps and the 4 seasons on Mars.

Since most of those photos were not released to the news-media, were they trying to hide something? We have studied other Mars photos showing what appears to be an ancient ruined city, roads, rectangular buildings, and walls.

For three decades, several astronomers in different parts of the world reported seeing flashing and moving lights on the surface of Mars, some huge explosions, and other strange unnatural phenomenon. was sent to Mars by NASA, and out of over 2,000 photos reportedly taken of that planet, only a small fraction were shown to the public.

After that, American, British, and French astronomers reported glowing and moving and sometimes even blinking lights on the Moon during the 1920s and 1930s, often reported in local newspapers and scientific journals of those years which can often be found in major libraries. In 1959 a Martian flying disc spacecraft reportedly landed in the wilderness outside of Moscow, in the Soviet Union, where a secret meeting with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was arranged.

One Soviet astronaut mission in the 1960s, designed to set a new record for time in orbit, was mysteriously aborted right after their craft entered space. S seen over Earth were tracked back to the Moon by government tracking stations in secret complexes in deserts in Arizona and Nevada and inside underground mountain bases. In the 1950s to 1960s more moving, flashing, and stationary lights were seen on the Moon by civilian astronomers, usually inside craters, along with a mysterious glowing cross. Perhaps it proves that other men exist, something that N. Everything was going well that day on our Moon, then at an extraordinary fading occurred and contact with Houston was lost. There were other witnesses to the twelve mile long bridge which was erected because it was not seen in the same place before, and was later dismantled for unknown reasons (was it too conspicuous? On April 24, 1964, an oval shaped metallic flying object landed in a farm field in Newark Valley in New York State, and two alien beings emerged from the estimated 20 foot long craft. This interest peaked when a respected expert in aerial phenomenon, Pulitzer Prize winning astronomer John ONeill, publicly reported observing the bridge on the Moon that appeared artificially constructed by intelligence. The conference regarded improving relations with Earth, exchanging knowledge, and securing world and interplanetary peace, yet the Soviet government rejected the terms. Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, who investigated U. O.s in Hawaii while in the military in the 1950s, and met with us while we were in the Department of Interplanetary Affairs research agency in the 1970s. We are also told that the Martian temperature ranged from minus 22 below zero (F) to minus 122 degrees. INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEES AND NETWORKS AND THE FILES OF M. Skeptics say that shadows may make natural objects appear like a man-made structure, yet all the photos taken from different angles of the sun and the cameras show the exact same objects the same way, ruling out the shadow theory.

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God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything... The problem has been that witnesses have talked to our Department of interplanetary Affairs. Luckily the transmission was recorded on Lems tape recorder, and Worden transmitted it to N. I occasionally think that how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." INVASION, AS THE UNITED CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS (the friendly aliens) plans to remove all of them from Earth in 1993!

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