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Each write is committed to disk before the server acknowledges it to the client.

If you’re running a single thread that inserts documents into Rethink DB in a loop, each insert must wait for the server acknowledgement before proceeding to the next one.

Deferring building of the index with multiple indexes can optimize the expensive scan operation.

To complete the scan, the query engine performs successive scans of the primary index until all the primary keys have been returned.

It is possible that the indexer throws scan timeout without returning any primary keys, and in this event the query engine returns scan timeout to the client.

The following error is reported if a second index creation operation is kicked off before the completion of the ongoing index creation. Valid GSI index names can contain any of the following characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 # _, and must start with a letter, [A-Z a-z].

The minimum length of an index name is 1 character and there is no maximum length set for an index name.

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Primary indexes are optional and are only required for running ad hoc queries on a bucket that is not supported by a secondary index.