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Face to face naughty chats

"The face is considered the most expressive body part because its muscles are linked to the emotional centers in the brain," says anthropologist David B. "The slightest shift in mood registers as a specific facial gesture, making it extremely difficult to conceal one's true feelings." Learn to decode these unconscious cues and you've got a window into his soul.

You seemed kinda bummed." Maybe he'll spill his guts, but if not, let it go.As long as he's not giving off any "I'm pissed at you" vibes, it was probably nothing anyway.He Wants to Get Naked Say you're at a party or out at a bar with your guy and you notice that when you lock eyes with him, his peepers seem a little sleepy and droopy.No, he's not ready for a nap, but he is ready for bed."When people feel a strong sexual urge, they lapse into a more restful, dreamy state," explains Givens, "which is why this expression is commonly referred to as bedroom eyes."Handle-him help: You already know he's hot for you, so while you're out in public, work him into a superstrong sexual state with a little hands-off foreplay.

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This type of teasing will only heighten his anticipation." Once you're alone, make sure you follow through on those titillating promises you made..throw in a few surprises.

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