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Upon his death, and according to his final wish, Lauther adopted young Percilla as his own daughter.

Percilla never said anything ill of her adoptive father, thus one may assume that he was a compassionate and loving man.

Jones Exposition, Percilla met fellow marvel Emmitt Bejano, the Alligator-Skinned Man.

Despite her heavy beard and his ichthyosis a sweet romance blossomed between the unique couple. Emmitt was a man with calloused skin who spent performance intermissions submerged in vats of ice water because he could not sweat.

Percilla, despite looking more beast than beauty, was elegant, eloquent and possessed an enchanting singing voice.The life of her contemporary could have easily followed the same shadowed path however her story is of true love, inner beauty and respect.During her long life Percilla Lauther was known by many names.Originally she was descriptively dubbed ‘the hairy little girl’ and later as ‘the monkey girl’, but it is quite likely that she will forever be remembered by those dear to her as Percilla Bejano – loving wife of Emmitt the Alligator-Skinned Man.The hirsute Percilla was born on April 26 of 1911 in the Puerto Rican town of Bayamon.

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Lauther also hired an assistant to help Percilla’s father care for the child after his wife returned to Puerto Rico.

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