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You’ll be able to list a short paragraph for each of these items which is recommended.

Here you simply rate how important different interests are to you like movies, live music, the outdoors and so on.

This is an arbitrary example but the point is you must be honest in your profile.

Your entire experience on e Harmony will be based on how you answer these questions so you need to take this very seriously.

At the end of this section you’ll have a box where you can further describe which interest you are most passionate about.

You will also be provided another box to describe several things you enjoy doing in your leisure time.

Things such as the need to be creative, how comfortable you are leading other people and how easily you get upset are all examples.

Here you rate what qualities are important to you in a partner.

Personal characteristics further describe who you are outside of your personality.

Before I discuss the individual areas of the profile creation, let me make a suggestion. You’re worried that if you say you leave your room messy some people won’t be interested in you so you say that you leave your room clean.

This is a idea because the test is meant to help you find that person who doesn’t mind that the room is messy!

It is the second post in a three-part series where I’m going to discuss in detail using (see my previous article), e Harmony, and finally I will compare these services to determine which is the “better” of the two.

In this article, I’ll be describing e Harmony from the ground up.

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Your personality profile is first up and the majority of this section will be answering multiple choice questions along with a few sections where you will type descriptions of yourself.

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