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Dear Sir, I have come into the possession of several Beam Bottles-Cars, and bottles with fancy baroque gold colored trim, some have bourbon in them, some are empty.Could you please direct me to sites, or people who are collectors, as I wish to dispose of them.Is it of any value to save new bottles that have defects? Gloria I have always enjoyed old bottles with such defects.I have heard such a defect as you describe being called a "Monkey Swing." I have had a number over the years.Digger OLD BOTTLE DESCRIPTION I am trying to determine if I have and old or antique bottle, or a fake. The bottle is convex on both sides and flat on the back.I do not believe it is a reproduction because it does not have any initials or numbers on it. The neck is 1" tall (not counting the lip) by 1 /16" wide. It is concave on the front in a window shape that is curved top and flat on the bottom. You did an excellent job of describing you old bottle. The raised dots might be related to the bottle manufacturer. The Maltine came a in wide variety of flavors (fortified with cod liver oil, beef and iron or other such supplements). The new company turned the product into a top seller.In all my research I can't find reference to the marks on the bottom or the words "THE MALTINE MFG CO NEW YORK" anywhere. Not straight across but looped from one side to the other.

Please advise if you have the time and can decipher all this. On the inside about 2 inches from the bottom is a string of glass that goes all the way to the other side of the bottle.

For more information about your bottles and their value check out this site .

My observation from Ebay sales is that the automobile figural are popular.

I recently purchased this bottle (please see photo) and I am unable to find one like it in any books. The only embossing - R & CO and a K beneath the R & CO - appears on the key mold base with no pontil mark.

I believe I've found info pertaining to the bottle in "BOTTLE MAKERS and THEIR MARKS" and that is where the question about export beer shape and whiskey bottle technique arises from.

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Thank you for any information and your time, Jim Hering Here's an article on my site Understanding Beer Bottles Digger, could you please explain the difference between export beer shape and whiskey bottle technique of the 1880-1890 period.

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