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Obvious examples are weapons, […]When the judge sentenced me to six months in the county jail, my first thought was about my family.

Without me there to work and pay the bills, my wife and kids would lose the apartment.

Georgia law is very clear on its position regarding convicted felons in that state owning or possessing firearms: It follows the federal law when it comes to guns and felons.

The Basics: With the exception of a felony conviction that is non-violent and related exclusively to a business-related crime, if you have ever been convicted […]The 12-Step program is not the only method used in rehabs to assist addicts in getting clean and living sober lifestyles.

Bonding someone out is not hard to do, but if that person doesn't show up in court when ordered to do so, your life could become very difficult.

Be sure you […]Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, but that right can be lost if you're a convicted felon.

It's up to the each state to decide their laws about restoring rights.

While this is true and it can make life on the outside difficult, finding employment after prison can be done if you take the right steps.

Now that he completed rehab and is in recovery, he might need assistance with a few things to get started again.

Putting your anger aside and helping him can provide the following benefits.

Join Dixon Place for a very special celebratory finale on Friday, December 30th, featuring 30 dance companies showcasing 3 minutes of work each, saluting the close of the 30th Anniversary Year for NYC's pre-eminent artistic incubator.

First awarded in 1922 and formalized in 1935, The Drama League Awards are the oldest theatrical honors in America.

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Self-confidence: Whether he admits it or not, when he was […]Typically, once an immigrant is expelled from America, he is not allowed back into the country for any reason before a specific amount of time has passed, but in some instances he will be allowed to come back early if he successfully completes the Hardship Waiver process. A hardship waiver […]It is never a good idea to mail contraband to an inmate or to bring it on a visit.

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