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WS have Sourced Some of the sexiest girls Thailand has to offer. having to keep paying big money to chat to a Thai Girl via email, and at the end of the day still only have her emailto reach her on?Thai will not ask for any further money to contact these girls. I encourage them to go after girls like this since I think everyone should have a chance to be happy regardless of the size of girl they like. Once you have your list of ‘likes or wants’ then you’re ready to go out and start looking for that girl, you’re ready to be the chooser! It’s a pretty simple process: Grab a pen and paper, write down 5 qualities you dislike in regards to women, your ex, your mum, that old lady down the street, phrase them as ‘I don’t like or I don’t want’ Try to make them about the girls personality or things she does or doesn’t do rather than just physical traits.If you JUST use them though….you’re prone to staying inside the house spending HOURS trying to message girls without it really going anywhere…which sucks as it’s really hard to tell who is going to meet you and who is a time waster.They both have functions where you can search for girls within your 10 KM radius.These are not bad apps, and are a good compliment to your searching for love arsenal.

One thing I’ve noticed is that most guys who don’t go out to do “pick up” or don’t have the habit of randomly talking to girls they meet on the street, in supermarkets, taxi’s, or trains usually don’t have many girls to choose from so end up taking whatever they can get instead of what they actually dream of. because being able to talk to random strangers, make them happy and make them want to see you again is an awesome skill and applicable in so many situations outside of “pick up”.

You could have just spent 1 of those hours talking to girls face to face which has the advantage of discovering which ones were interested and which were time wasters.

A lot of the girls on phone apps have crappy social skills, which is why they resort to using phone apps instead of going out and doing stuff to meet people.

please email us at [email protected] to arrange payment and let us know which girls number you wish to access. She is now back in Phuket, currently working at a family restaurant. Also, for those of you interested in Thai Ladyboys, we have some available to chat to also.

Today I was at Mr Pancake which, unsurprisingly, has pancakes along with many other things. Now things may not flow this easy every time, but the idea is to get into a conversation with a girl and start asking her if she has the qualities you’ve written down.

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I am with someone I selected because they have the qualities I want, qualities that many other girls don’t have.