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Geek dating flow chart

The only tie to Snyder’s film is Ving Rhames, although he plays a different character anyway. There’s also a 2014 remake that went completely unnoticed, and another animated version that is finished, but won’t be released until later this year.It might not be worth mentioning, but it stars Tony Todd in his second remake (that must be a record or something), along with ’s Joe Pilato and a few other washed up actors, like Tom Sizemore.This film, being technically a new one, at least made Romero and Russo some money. And these three films have been released around the world with all sorts of weird titles, but largely just these three. There were even more films that at one point or another, in one country or another, were marketed as was remade by Tom Savini himself.The other explanation is that it could serve as a springboard for sequels, which happened with 2001’s ’s antagonist), it follows a backward town trying to defend from a third wave of zombies, disturbed by the building of a car showroom. Motivated by the lack of revenue from the original, the remake is largely the same as the original, save for updating the character of Barbara into a badass, and removing the shock ending.

As geek traits are becoming more mainstream, some people ask if "Geek is going extinct? XKCD summarized the difference between geeks and nerds in his own way: Blog "Slackpropagation" posted an interesting analysis about the distinction between "geek" and "nerd" based on twitter posts.

This on top of the remakes, which of course required no permission. The in 1985, following what could possibly be the last people left alive on the whole planet.

It follows a group of scientists trapped in an underground bunker and protected by a group of soldiers, examining the conflict between them and how an isolated society can spectacularly break down.

There’s no point reviewing this, as even Russo himself called it the worst film he was ever involved in. It stars Tony Todd, who is worth the price of admission alone.

, took out most of the character development and focused on the action, turning it into something more similar to the Italian horror films he thought fans would enjoy. The next remake was not of takes the abandoned mall concept, but not much else, and makes an excellent action horror film that, despite what you think of it, is so much better than the dreck passing as unofficial sequels.

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It’s genuinely one of the most terrifying films ever made.