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on the W Network, promises to have more of a Canadian spin, shot in Vancouver and Whistler. The two were in Toronto recently talking to the Star about their new show. Sophie: Actually, there’s always been a big contrast between us, but people didn’t really see that. “She helped me get it because I was only 17 and she had to lie to the tattoo artist that I was 18.”“Yah, that’s me lying to people to help you out,” says Tweed-Simmons. I say yes, because you’re always trying set me up on dates. The problem is for TV, they cram a whole bunch of dates in so she looks like a whore.

Chaim Witz was born at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel on August 25, 1949.Q: The success of Family Jewels seemed to be the contrast between Gene, who usually ended up doing something rock star crazy or completely egocentric, and the rest of the family whose job it seemed was to bring him back to earth and prick his balloon. Sophie: They don’t ever make it Q: So Shannon, what are your rules? And she’s a little more reserved than I think she should be. Sophie (looking at Shannon): Now that college is over. Sophie: That was my first date and I haven’t seen him since.

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