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Girl beaten for dating black boy

EVERY GOTDAMN DAY, ALL DAY black women and girls report having to endure mockery, ridicule, intraracism (a.k.a.colorism), sexism, and misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) not only from whites, but from MANY in our own “community” not only offline, but online and the shit is baaad, OUT OF CONTROL, and it’s not getting any better.I am a Black and white biracial kid who grew up in Brooklyn, NY.I have literally watched black women fight my entire life…please dont see this post and give up.EVEN MANY BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS THEMSELVES THINK THESE MEMES AND TWEETS ARE FUNNY AND NO BIG DEAL.SOCIETY ( VIA RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY PROGRAMMING) AND THE SO-CALLED BLACK COMMUNITY HAS DONE A TERRIFIC JOB, CONSCIOUSLY AND SUBCONSCIOUSLY TEACHING BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS NOT TO VALUE THEY’RE OWN DAMN SELVES!

Now take a look at these tweets ya’ll from “black” men themselves.

They’ll complain that other races are stealing their fine black woman away from them and be jealous of them and their beautiful little mixed babies. Any one denies it is a fucking lie and should be avoided at all costs until they come to their damned senses. MY MOTHER IS LIGHT SKINNED AND I FUCKING LOVE BLACK WOMEN OF ALL CREEDS AND COLOR.

They’ll claim that they only got into a same sex relationship because no man wanted them and then be sniffing around her and her girlfriend looking for a hand out in the form of a threesome that is NEVER. Fuck out of here with that “black men prefer white women because….” no nigga YOU PREFER WHITE WOMEN, dont fucking lump us all into some fucking big ass ball of self-hatred as if every black man hates the women he’s been raised around.

DAMMIT where is Al Charlatan, “Messy” Jesse Jackson, the NAACP including ALL other black MIS-leaders to organize the so-called black community in protests and rallies against this horrific behavior!?! Where are those “Black Greek” sororities that so vehemently protested to take “Sorority Sisters” off vh1?

I’m not surprised at whites and others not saying or doing anything or protecting the black woman’s true character and image from erasure and demonization because we KNOW they don’t value us at all, but it’s ESPECIALLY very,very heartbreaking to a lot of sistas that many in the so-called black community either ridicule, mock, share, re-tweet, or just remain silent.

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