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Outcry over nursing-home abuse caught by a secret video has spurred Oklahoma to become the third state to pass a law explicitly allowing cameras in rooms of long-term care residents.The law passed after Doris Racher placed a secret, motion-activated camera in the room of her mother, 96-year-old Eryetha Mayberry, the New York Times Well blog reports.He sought to shut down one facility after cameras recorded abuses that included an aide who repeatedly left food by the side of a stroke patient who was unable to eat without help.The Well story included comments from critics who said hidden cameras raise privacy concerns and legal questions.

The resident is responsible for paying for the installation, maintenance, Internet access and any other charges associated with the monitoring devices. I can think of any number of ways that this law may be in conflict with the privacy laws ensured for each nursing home and long-term facility resident.Information on this law can be found at this link: Act ID=3673&Chapter ID=21 There are some important limitations as to the permission of cameras in the resident’s room.Nursing homes are not allowed under this law to discriminate or retaliate against a resident who installs the monitoring systems.The new act contains provisions regarding facility accommodations, notice of monitoring visitors, facility access to recordings, admissibility of recordings and legal actions and other such provisions.

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The camera recorded an aide stuffing latex gloves into Mayberry’s mouth while another taunted the elderly woman.

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