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In short, the history of the UFO phenomenon during its earliest -- and most important -- years might well remain today only as rumor and myth, had Edward James Ruppelt not passed our way. Because of his writings, researchers can still study the dynamics at work behind the scenes both in the Air Force and with the various other players of his time.

And it is thanks to such family ties that much is known about Ruppelt's youth. Some of it can be surmised through the history of the times.

Above: Cars gathered at Grundy Center, Iowa for the 1931 National Cornhusking Contest. Though his family was economically comfortable (one of the relative few in Iowa to have a radio, according to the 1930 census), the state of Iowa was in turmoil for much of the 1920s and 1930s -- a period which economist Neil Harl of Iowa State University labeled "the worst period of civil disorder in the state's history".

During the years of the Great Depression the Iowa National Guard was called out to put down farmer uprisings, and martial law was declared twice in the western part of the state.

Above: July 29, 1952 photo op showing from left, Captain R. As a result, not only food but land prices fell dramatically, and the years 19 brought with them a great recession accompanied by a stock market plunge of 47 percent and a rapid deflation of agricultural prices.

But with the signing of the armistice, Iowa's farmers -- so vital to feeding a world at war -- began to face strict tariffs against food exports worldwide.

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Farm foreclosures were sometimes met by armed resistance, while intimidation became the norm at the auctions of foreclosed property, where according to the Des Moines, Iowa, Register, "farmers would turn up at foreclosure sales with weapons or clubs on display and inform strangers that outside bids were distinctly unwelcome.

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