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Ha2016 liquidating trust

No-action relief granted by the Staff may only be relied upon by the party that submitted the request, based on the particular facts and circumstances, and otherwise may only viewed as setting forth views of the Staff (PDF).

In order to establish certainty that the Staff will grant relief, a company contemplating creating a liquidating trust pursuant to a bankruptcy plan should submit its own letter to the Staff requesting no-action relief.

23, 2011), granting relief from the registration and reporting requirements for liquidating trusts.

While no-action relief granted by the Staff to other parties and with respect to certain facts and circumstances form all or part of a persuasive argument for like treatment in similar fact situations, the grant of no-action relief by the Staff does not represent an official action by or on behalf of the SEC Commissioners.

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Whether it is Hostess Brands—with the future of Twinkies at risk, the prospect of iconic Kodak in the Bankruptcy Court or AMR Corp.’s flight into Chapter 11 reorganization.

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