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Harry potter dating game walkthrough

|* *\\=========================///* 1. History 08/22/2002 - The last update 03/13/2002 - Add Tips section 02/02/2002 - Update the cheat section 01/31/2002 - Add one more site 01/20/2002 - Add two more sites 01/12/2002 - Remove cheats that don't work for me Add 2 questions 01/10/2002 - Add 3more questions 01/09/2002 - Add a cheat 12/26/2001 - Update the cheat section 12/23/2001 - Add two more questions, fix the Charm Class part 12/22/2001 - Fix the Fireseed Cave part 12/20/2001 - Update the items section 12/15/2001 - Finished my walkthrough 12/12/2001 = Decided to write this Walkthrough since there's none had write for the PC version yet 11/24/2001 = Bought the Game 2. I love Harry Potter much (the books, the movies, the games, all of them).

|* *\\=========================///* Since this is the PC version (different from the PSX version), I'll make adjustments for the PC users.

If you have a fast processor, I suggest to use Software Render. - Play Game = new game or load saved game - Quidditch ~ Broomstick Practce = sealed until you get the flying lesson from Madam Hooch ~ Quidditch League = sealed until you play the first Quidditch in the game - Option = configure your game - Exit = quit the game You can configure the keys that suits you for the game in the Options menu.

But this problem was fixed by re-intalling the Windows.

It was simultaneously developed by Amaze Entertainment for the PC the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color handheld systems.

An original version was also created for the Play Station One Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger return to Hogwarts School of Magic to begin their second year.

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All is not peaceful, however: Students are being petrified and there are rumours of an Heir of Slytherin being behind it all.