Head shots for internet dating

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Head shots for internet dating

My client will break into a laugh, and I’ll get all the different expressions leading up to the big smile!

We call it “running the gamut” where I shoot people starting with a soft smile and then they grow into a natural laugh!

The clients were “sort of vague,” she says, about why they needed portraits.

Eventually, the truth emerged: They wanted flattering photos for their Internet dating ads. By all accounts, Jinsey Dauk is one of the five or six most successful head-shot photographers in New York City.

The photos will be used on her new website and needed to portray her as professional, approachable and...

Inside Edition, the long-running television newsmagazine program on CBS, presented a segment about the popularity of online dating and how some users are having professional headshot photos taken to create a more successful online profile.

“Because I don’t have to use flash,” Jinsey says, “I’m able to catch action much faster by using my motor drive.

To convey WARMTH, APPROACHABILITY, and a type of ALIVENESS that all Jinsey’s photographs do naturally!Since then, says Dauk, it’s turned into steady work, primarily from professionals in their thirties and forties. Of the roughly 150 photographers who work in this lucrative field – taking portraits of the city’s aspiring actors – Dauk is among an elite group.Just step inside her small apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village and the difference is apparent.Bring your current headshots and résumé for evaluation by these experts.Jinsey Dauk, Photographer Jinsey Dauk has been a headshot photographer in NYC for 25 years.

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