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Setting Description Localization Versions 5.5 and later of Herochat support internationalization.The locale is specified by the 'locale' setting in config.yml, which defaults to en_US (English/America).Straight people with HIV don't have the same social benefits that many urban areas provide to gay men with HIV. This meant that when HIV made its headway in our direction, we didn't exactly have to reinvent the wheel.For many heterosexuals who want the same levels of social acceptance and support that we have achieved in homosexual communities, nothing really exists. The Red Onion doesn't host a night for HIV-positive people to mingle, and T. The women's health movement of the '70s and gay rights activism really paved the way for HIV services and activism.The "heterosexual world" does not offer socially-sanctioned support or acceptance to heterosexuals with HIV. After a somewhat rocky (and well-documented) start, the gay community ultimately picked up the ball and ran with it.And even if we did all love and appreciate one another, sometimes we want to be with people just like ourselves. It seems that most AIDS-service organizations and AIDS activist groups sprung forth from gay hands. Participate in debates, rivalries, and even comic wars that span many pages of revoltin' developments!

Herochat 5 is a complete rewrite of the previous version of Herochat.This will overwrite any changes made by commands in-game during this time.On the other hand, if you want to force a save of changes made via in-game commands, you can use /ch save. Because of the hardships that many gay men and lesbians faced when coming out, the gay community set up many supportive services and structures.I don't think that the same sort of situation exists out there in the less cloistered world of the heterosexual with HIV.


Once this is done, a configuration file for the channel is created in plugins/Herochat/channels. The available configuration settings are listed and explained below.