How to start dating your husband

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How to start dating your husband

However, look at any bell curve and you’ll see that these extremes are very tiny. So in most cases with a low male libido, something else is going on. The category that is rising the most right now are men who are not interested in sex within marriage because they’re getting release elsewhere, especially with pornography.A man who is using porn will slowly find that it consumes more and more of his life, and more and more of his sexual energy.He was rarely told by his dad that he was doing a good job.And so he was never sure if any decisions he made, or any steps he took, were the right ones. To anyone on the outside he just looks extremely lazy, but I do think there’s more going on there. A man can have his masculinity scarred in other ways, too.When men use porn, in general they masturbate as well.And so it becomes quite likely that eventually they will stop desiring their wives in the same way.Porn rewires your brain to tell you that what is arousing is a picture or an image, not a real, flesh and blood person.

In any given population, some will have extremely high sex drives, and some will have extremely low sex drives.

Here’s a post on what to do if your husband uses porn. For instance, I know a woman who is walking through this right now.

A man’s sex drive is all wrapped up in his concept of manhood. She married her husband a little later in life when he was working part-time. He tends to spend his life on the couch, not doing a whole lot.

He has very low motivation for anything, and doesn’t get excited about very much except video games. When you look at his life, you can see that he doesn’t seem to have a “will” to do anything.

And if you look back at his childhood, you’d see that he was rarely affirmed in anything.

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