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with straight and aerodynamically shaped wings, spanning about 7 inches.

A separate slotted piece fits onto the tail precisely like the back tail wing on a modern plane.

Because the birth of modern aviation was still several years away, when the strange artifact was sent to the Cairo Museum, it was catalogued and then shelved among other miscellaneous items to gather dust.

It possessed characteristics never found on birds, yet which are part of modern aircraft design.

What is not known, however, is what the power source was.

The smooth surface is like polished brass with only occasional instances of pock-marks and weathering.

The mystery is that any equivalent mass of iron, subjected to the Indian monsoon rains, winds and temperatures for 1,600 years or more would have been reduced to rust long ago.

The gearing system calculated the annual movements of the sun and moon.

The arrangement shows that the gears could be moved forward and backward with ease at any speed.

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Even though over 2,000 years old, it will soar a considerable distance with only a slight jerk of the hand.