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That doesn’t mean you need movie-star good looks to attract a great lady, but you do need to have the swag or presence to be seen as a man of high value.Fortunately, different women find value in different aspects of the masculine mystique and are attracted by different kinds of men — but lethargic, forgettable blob is not one of them. If you want to set a course to your destination, you have to begin by knowing your starting point.Take a good look at yourself, inside and out, and make a list of your good points and the things that need work.Do the same kind of thing with your inner “look.” Work on your confidence, which begins with eye contact and genuine smiles.Start with your appearance and a healthy lifestyle, and the little successes you have along the way will motivate you to become a better man every day.Image really is everything, especially when it stops being “imaginary” and you start living and feeling like the man you really are.Be an engaging force and not a source of negative energy. Take up space when you’re seated, with one ankle on your knee.Pay attention to your nervous ticks, like touching your face for no reason or not knowing what to do with your hands. Make sure your shoulders are not hunched, which makes you appear timid, small and unimportant. When you’re done with your assessment, it’s just a matter of showing off the good things, improving the things that need work, and eliminating the negative things.

When you look good, you feel better about yourself and you become more confident and capable.

Have a light healthy breakfast, and incorporate more fruits and vegetables and fewer carbs into your lunch and dinner.

Billy Crystal was famous for his “Saturday Night Live” character, Fernando, in the recurring “Fernando’s Hideaway” skit.

The only difference between Ryan Seacrest and a beggar on the street is fashionable attire, a winning smile and some drive and confidence.

Henry Higgins took Eliza Doolittle from selling flowers on the street to being “My Fair Lady” simply by bringing out and refining the qualities she already had.

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