Interratial gay dating

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Interratial gay dating

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By Ramon Johnson It's been over 40 years since anti-miscegenation laws ended, but some would argue that integration is far from being synonymous with cultural understanding, even in relationships.

Rebutting 2 common arguments against Interracial Mixing: 1. Interracial mixing doesn’t harm Asian men or black women because the reason these 2 groups are “losing” is based on their own behavior and media stereotypes.

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I realize that as I get older, my taste is changing and I am attracted to different things than I was say, a year ago.

So, for anyone out there in an interracial homosexual relationship, how did you jump it off?

Gay Life forum member Dahighest is "a single African-American homosexual male" that feels "a strong attraction to guys of other races." Dahighest also feels that the "homosexual lifestyle is highly segregated." Frustrated, Dahighest wrote: "Most of my homosexual friends are all Black and the couple of times I went to the clubs, there was NO diversity.

I would love to potentially date a White, Hispanic, or Asian guy but I don't know how to even start towards meeting one.

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You are either attracted to a person or you are not. The race of either of you is irrelevant if you like each other." (More on this discussion)What are your feelings about interracial gay relationships? How do you feel when you see an African-American man holding hands with a Caucasian man or a Caucasian man with an Asian man, and so on?

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