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Is debby ryan dating cole sprouse

It falls right in the middle of the pack, because while it's standard Disney fare, with its regular girl/boy becomes a superstar overnight concept, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have the most epic chemistry and the most angelic voices, that you can't help but fall for this one, no matter how many times you've seen it.

You'll totally relate now to Phil's futuristic struggle every time you parents make fun of your text-speak or your selfie addiction.

*tear* That's why every true DC fan absolutely must rewatch this gem of a show, but others might find it a little too... was so amazing because you could totally put yourself in Sonny's shoes and relate to her wide-eyed excitement over getting to star on her favorite TV show.

It would be like you getting the chance to go back in time and star in follows a group of teens who work as emergency medical technicians after school and struggle to maintain their normal lives while dealing with the pressures and emotions that come with being EMTs.

Even though anyone and everyone can relate to the Watson twins' never-ending struggle to get out of trouble with the various grownups in their lives, the show is told in constant flashbacks, which can get pretty annoying after a while.

Time traveling besties going back in time to fix their biggest mistakes whose plans never work out according to plan? It's a hilarious show with pretty epic special effects, but it's only been on the air for a blink of an eye compared to the Disney Channel's other epic shows, so it shouldn't take it personally for ending up so low on the list.

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Watching it today, you'd never believe it aired on the Disney Channel.