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Deuce Bigalow, an unassuming professional aquarium cleaner, is fired when discovered working naked in public.

With no job and no love life, Deuce tries to find freelance work when he encounters Antoine, a male escort from Argentina.

Season 10, Episode 11January 7, 2003Tony faces a grim assignment after visiting a crime scene involving a very familiar face; Connie pegs a social worker for the death of a baby he assigned to a shady foster mother; a carjacking case leads Andy and John to a brother-sister team involved in drug running. Meanwhile, Connie and Rita try to stay focused on stopping a serial rapist preying on women in Tompkins Square Park. Season 10, Episode 13February 4, 2003Andy leans on a fellow cop for the truth about John's arrest on trumped-up drug charges, but as he closes in on a clue that could clear his partner, the case take a grim turn that could keep Clark behind bars for good. Season 10, Episode 7November 12, 2002A dead hooker's cellphone gives Sipowicz and Clark a lead on the man who may have also iced a co-ed found near the crime scene; Tony's ex (Jessica Ferrarone) returns to make amends for her past indiscretions; and Jones and Medavoy force a confession out of a kid whose claims of innocence may actually be true. Season 10, Episode 8November 19, 2002The murder of a teen auxiliary officer triggers a precinct witch hunt after her diary spills the sexy secrets of various cops from the 15th; Jones helps Haywood catch a scam artist preying upon her doting grandmother; bad blood between two neighbors leads to bloodshed; and Rodriguez settles into a new routine with his ex-wife.

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Meanwhile, Ortiz and Mc Dowell work a shrink who may hold a clue to the death of a sexually voracious young woman; and Tony's ex-wife picks up an old habit.