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These days, I’ve learnt to assume she will not pick up on signals (that to me are obvious) and I will just ask or tell her things directly. This communication obviously happens in person, but these days, also happens online.The extrovert needs to be in constant contact – with you, her family and her friends – so don’t try to stop that.#1: They are always busy, busy, busy, with someone to meet and something to do. Aside from work commitments, their social calendar is packed even further.You see, extroverts Source: Jade Seah’s Instagram I don’t understand the social calendar.Last week, I wrote a heartfelt story on what it is like to be married to an introvert.

Jade and I have known each other since we were 15 and have been together for the past six years.She could have one friend, for example, whom she will meet up with sometimes with a group of other girls, sometimes with a childhood buddy, sometimes in a large group where husbands are included and sometimes they meet, just the two of them. ❤ #neverendingbirthdaycelebration #birthday #funtimes #sundayfunday #sundays #pumasg #sneakersaddict A photo posted by Jade Seah (@jadeseah) on that they will have something on before, and possibly after, their date with you. They are capable of waking early, working out, getting to work, going for dinner, going for drinks and then meeting another friend after that for a chat. She wants that too – and but then she also looks forward to socialising with more people after that over post-dinner dessert or drinks. Even though she always gives me a “free pass” (in point #4 in her story on dating an introvert she talks about how we have an arrangement where I am never expected but always invited to join in), it inspires to not just stay home all the time and to make the effort to go out as well – although definitely not as much as her.Isn’t like meeting the same person again, except with different people? 🎾 #whynobadmintonemoji #workoutcrew #workoutbuddies #SG Very. It doesn’t mean you are a time-filler or not important. I understand she needs to let off steam by hanging with her friends.Try to meet in the middle; perhaps the extrovert can expect that you won’t take 12 hours to reply and you can try to reply within a couple of hours.For face to face communication, there will be times when there is something troubling you, but you may not feel ready to talk about it just yet.

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Introverts like to take the time to consider and think through problems rather than just blabbing everything out.

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