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Here’s a completely unnatural sounding “quote” from an alleged source for the magazine: “John long had the habit of wanting to be introduced to hot new male stars whose work he admired — he told me he was interested in meeting [the late] Brad Davis and Christopher Reeve after he saw their respective 1978 movies , John had his people contact Tom’s reps to explain how John was eager to meet him.

John opened up about his 16-year-old daughter Ella, and dealing with having a teenager. And I trust her decisions and even her parallel parking.” Does he trust her dating decisions?

“It goes on so many levels, personal, political, what an interesting area to tell stories about.” The star also commented on Shapiro’s bombshell interview with Megyn Kelly, where the attorney revealed what OJ whispered to him after the verdict was read.

Simpson supposedly said, “You had told me this would be the result from the beginning.

With Ella behind the wheel and Travolta and De Generes in the back, things get off to a rocky start as the youngster almost backs into a car on the studio lot.

Check out the clip to see if she makes it in the spot!

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You were right.” John said that was news to him as well.