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About three-quarters of the way down this street you’ll see a red brick building on your right. Kissing seems to be a little more intense here, but everything else is about the same.The women working here have a little more range in age from what I can see, stretching from 20 to about 30.This answer will give you the best chance at getting the top girl available during your visit. Things are well managed so that the only people you will ever see are the door clerks and the women you’ll be serviced by. Some of them can even speak quite a bit of English since they’ve been learning it in school. I recorded the locations of Kiss Bangs in my phone before this website was launched, and the original post was based on those limited notes.Now, with the website going strong, I’ve been able to located a handful of shops and (by popular demand) map them out.There are or at least were a lot of shops in Sinchon, but I couldn’t find any during my last visit.With a very short trip I didn’t have a lot of time to explore.Kiss Time (Sadang) – The easiest kiss bang of all to find.

There are usually discounts for longer appointments paid up front, but if you extend a shorter appointment you’ll pay full price.You can also set a series of short appointments with multiple women.Repeat customers seem to get the best treatment, for obvious reasons, but a lot of the women who work in these places don’t last long. If you can read Korean at all the signs are easy to spot. If you discover something good, please let me know.This kiss bang is on the third floor of that building.Easy to find, with an easy going owner who told me he has no issue with respectful non-Korean customers. Take exit 8 out of Hongdae Ipgu station and make the first right turn.

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The price is 40,000 won ($37 US) for 30 minutes or 70,000 ($65 US) won for an hour. At the first intersection turn left and then immediately go right at the fork in the road.