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Posted by / 26-Nov-2015 02:28

They are honestly concerned about creating and maintaining a positive public image.

They want to be dignified, trustworthy and responsible – with a little heroism thrown in at the Leo end.

What these two have in common is plenty enough for a whole lifetime.

First they each prize their own character and reputation above everything else.

In the primary stage of their relationship each of them may find the other irritating.

They will enjoy their time together and save time to pursue personal interests as well.

As long as they reassure each other of their significance, their conflicts do not usually weaken their relationship.

Both Signs have strong personalities, and though they may seem an unlikely pair this is a case of opposites attracting.

They are quality people looking for quality in all things. They are willing to work very hard to earn everything they have.

For example, they are not as likely to use designer labels as those trusted and true products which have stood the test of time regardless of current trends. They want to be proud of themselves, their home, their careers, their standing in the community and their offspring.

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