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In May of 2012 the business was starting to pick up and the East Coast Dyes fan base was rapidly growing.Due to the increase in demand Greg formed a partnership with his twin brother Mike Kenneally.After months of research and developing, many formulas later Greg perfected East Coast Mesh. While taking graduate school night classes at Towson University and working full time at his dads accounting firm, he still continued to grow his business.Often he would stay up until 2am just to fill his orders himself.Has now turned into a company with over 20 employees, that work with every major retailer in the lacrosse industry.Greg and Mike are extremely proud of East Coast Dyes; the company motto “Hard Work Pays Off” is a reminder that success does not come without hard work. A huge thank you to all of our fans for making our dream a reality, helping turn hard work into success, and for your continued support as we grow.In May of 2013 East Coast Dyes moved into a 2,000 square foot facility in Lutherville, Maryland. Tom, Keith, Travis, and Pat were hired as well as some friends to work for the summer. Countless retailers across the world were now carrying East Coast Mesh in their stores.It soon became obvious that the company would have to move again.

At the moment this would be a great hobby while they finished up graduate school for their masters in accounting.In late 2011 after graduating from Elizabethtown College, Greg walked into his family room and announced to his roommates that he was going to make his own wax mesh.Unsatisfied with the current mesh on the market, Greg knew he could make a better mesh.Soon not even Mike and Greg could keep up with the demand, so they hired their long time friend Dave to help with the mesh making process.The extra help from Dave was short lived as demand increased, so Ryan than joined the ECD team.

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