Location based mobile dating app married dating in camden north carolina

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Location based mobile dating app

Linear format of presenting interests and favorite stuff on user’s profile – what Ok Cupid relies on – is already a step back.

In 2014, the dating industry is expected to generate .1 billion in revenue according to IBISWorld dating expert Jeremy Edwards.

The matter of fact is that for developers, there is not much difference between creating mobile dating app and social networking applications: user profiles with listed interests, media content like pictures and videos, messages, chats, friends lists, etc.

Another common feature is discovering new friends in real time based on the location pinpointed in users’ devices, matchmaking algorithms, organizing events, gifts, and so on. I am only mentioning it to say a few words about the Facebook integration.

You can read my interview with its founder Jason Sherman here.

But keep in mind that such a dating app development takes significantly more time and resources.

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This is meant to check if the user is a real person, and also a woman.

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