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Lotl dating

Yet, what makes it difficult for her is the pressure to get married.Years before, Chinggay had had a failed relationship that left her hurt and traumatized.By a twist of fate, Chinggay crosses paths with two irresistible men. The ensuing clashes between Ryan and Frank over Chinggay are some of the movie’s entertaining highlights.Ryan (Ian), a customer at the jewelry store and her ex, Frank (Richard) whom she meets accidentally at an event. Fans will agree that Ian delivers effortlessly, especially in the ‘looks’ department.The Jodi-Richard Yap versus Jodi-Ian Veneracion tandems have proven themselves mightily at the TV ratings game. Antoinette Jadaone’s ‘The Achy Breaky Hearts’ tells the story of Chinggay (Jodi), who, in her 30’s has yet to find a man to complete her.For quite a while, Chinggay has been ‘married’ to her career and family, and by choice has remained single for seven long years.

Today, the millennial woman is on her own - strong, independent, empowered – much like Chinggay who is a jewelry store manager.Earlier on 30th June 2013, he signed a law that made ‘non-traditional’ relations with minors illegal.Several countries have since joined the bandwagon outlawing gay relationships, including in about 80 countries where it is criminal to have such relations and 5 countries, where it is definitely punished by death.In Saudi Arabia, any same sex sexual activity warrants death or life imprisonment.Yemen gives death penalty, Afghanistan – death penalty for any gay sex activity, Maldives – punishment upto death is awarded sometimes, Iran – illegal, death penalty, Sudan – death for the 3rd offence for men, 4th offence for women, and Mauritania – death penalty. In countries where gays are frowned upon, they are usually dealt with disdain and their rights not included in the regular human rights regime.

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Thus it comes to a point that she desperately longs for a man who will love and inspire her.